IOP Services Through The Counseling Center at Roxbury-Succasunna

As you begin your recovery, you could find it in your best interest to take an extensive approach to the mental health of addiction while developing the coping strategies for lasting sobriety. The Counseling Center is standing by to assist you. Our intensive outpatient program in Roxbury provides proven treatments for addiction and co-occurring disorders. We allow you to maintain the advancement of your recovery while you live your daily life, without leaving behind your family or job.

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Alcohol And Drug Treatment That Accommodates Your Busy Life

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a treatment program with an accommodating schedule for people in recovery for substance use disorders. Treatment consists of various types of therapy, all conducted by licensed counselors. In therapy, you’ll examine the origins and triggers of your substance use and how to improve your mental health for a long-lasting recovery.

While detoxification and residential rehab may be the necessary beginning facets of recovery, they are temporary and cause you to be away from your family, job, and your normal routine. Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Roxbury allows you to coordinate your therapy with your everyday responsibilities and everything that is important to you. You’ll attend different types of therapy discussions on a weekly basis, while still having time for work and being able to go home each day. This schedule allows you to practice what you learn in therapy with love ones in the real world and prevent relapse.

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Advantages Of IOP

At The Counseling Center, our largest concern is how to help you overcome drug and alcohol use. Our outpatient support is designed to treat all sides of substance addiction and help you find healthier habits. Learning from skilled substance use therapists in our welcoming facility gives you the chance to:

  • Live at home while getting care
  • Maintain your daily routine without missing days for treatment
  • Get care for the mental health side of drug or alcohol use
  • Medical-assisted Treatment (MAT) for physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings (if required)
  • Examine fundamental mental disorders

Who We Serve In IOP

IOP at The Counseling Center is for individuals 18 and up who are in need of ongoing drug and alcohol use treatment, but not 24-hour medical care. This program is a sensible next phase of treatment if you have recently gone through detox or a residential rehab program and desire to keep progressing onward. It’s also a smart choice if you require guidance in governing medication for mental health and withdrawal symptoms.

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A Custom-Tailored Approach To Intensive Outpatient Therapy In Roxbury

We understand you won’t find two patients who are the same, so why would their care be? At The Counseling Center, we customize our treatments to ensure it addresses your exact needs, challenges, and recovery targets. To achieve this, we begin with a full evaluation before your first session. We then craft a specialized treatment strategy to help you resolve trauma and other mental health issues and advance toward a healthier way of life.

In order to serve all people, we provide a wide range of therapy and advanced support. You’ll be guided by experienced clinicians in group, individual, and family therapy to learn more about:

  • Substance addiction
  • Post-acute Withdrawal Syndrome
  • Relapse prevention
  • How 12-step programs work
  • Co-occurring mental disorders and their impact on addiction
  • How to be there for loved ones during recovery
  • Stress management
  • Healthier life skills

Fundamentally, we hope that our Roxbury intensive outpatient therapy lets you strengthen your mental health, which in turn boosts the likelihood of full substance use recovery.

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