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Outpatient Rehab And Behavior Health Services In Roxbury

We understand that outpatient rehab in Roxbury isn’t supposed to be the same for all patients. This is the reason why our experienced team at The Counseling Center will appraise and place you in the ideal program based on your stage of rehab. Our therapies for outpatient rehab address addiction and co-occurring disorders and help you develop the skills you will need to gain control of your life.

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Find The Treatment You Need In Our Intensive Outpatient Program In Roxbury

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Roxbury provides mental health counselling and outpatient substance use rehab in Roxbury. IOP is recommended if you no longer need constant inpatient care but still require regularly scheduled therapy to sustain your sobriety. It is a logical progression if you have completed a residential rehab program and want to keep building on what you have already achieved.

Each week in IOP, you’ll attend three group therapy sessions and one individual therapy session. These sessions give you the support you require to stay away from drug or alcohol use while attending to your daily responsibilities. You will learn about substance use, take steps to improve your mental health, and then return to your usual daily routine. Medication management might also be a part of your customized IOP plan.

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Make Progress On Co-Occurring Disorders In Our Mental Health Outpatient Program

Our Mental Health Outpatient Program encompasses a broad scope of treatment in Roxbury. This non-residential program consists of three weekly group therapy sessions and a customized timetable for individual and family therapy. Therapy sessions are held during the day and evening so you are still able to address your usual day-to-day work and family obligations.

In our mental health outpatient program, you’ll:

  • Learn healthy coping skills
  • Gain insight from other attendees
  • Repair relationships
  • Be provided care for mental illnesses
  • Strive toward your goals in recovery
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Control Cravings With Medication-Assisted Treatment

Cravings are often a challenging obstacle if you’re attempting to avoid relapse. If cravings are inhibiting your recovery, the experienced clinicians at The Counseling Center Roxbury can help with Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT). In MAT, you receive authorized medications to ease cravings and eliminate the urge to use harmful substances.

When it’s integrated with treatment sessions and healthy habits, medication-assisted treatment can help patients realize enduring recovery. Our team conducts thorough assessments in advance of recommending this method of care and personalizes MAT for every individual. This is simply one of the ways we help you establish the basis for a persistant recovery.

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Find Help For Teens In Our Adolescent Outpatient Program

As an outpatient center, we are glad to assist younger patients age 14 and over in our Adolescent Outpatient Program. Teens face specific hurdles when fighting alcohol or drug addiction and mental health. Our experienced therapists are well versed in how deficits in emotional regulation and decision-making influence young people’s addictions. Meeting privately and in groups, teens and clinicians work on:

  • Building appropriate coping mechanisms
  • Recognizing and examining drug and alcohol use triggers
  • Cultivating healthy habits

Fundamentally, we hope that our Roxbury intensive outpatient therapy lets you strengthen your mental health, which in turn boosts the likelihood of full substance use recovery.

Reach Out Now To Find Outpatient Therapies In Roxbury

If you or a loved one is having trouble staying sober grappling with a mental health disorder, help is here for you today. Contact us at 862-707-2469 or submit the following form, and a member of our team will get back to you immediately, no matter the hour. We are ready to serve you.