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Is Spravato Right For Me?

Spravato, an esketamine nasal spray, is a specialized medication that addresses specific kinds of depression. Even so, Spravato may not be suitable for every patient and is only authorized for treatment-resistant depression. The following assessment is the first step in determining if Spravato is right for you. Then reach out to The Counseling Center at Roxbury-Succasunna to learn more about your next steps.

*This assessment should not be viewed as a substitute for a professional clinical appraisal.

What Is Spravato And Treatment-Resistant Depression?

Spravato is the brand name for esketamine, a nasal spray utilized in conjunction with antidepressant medications to manage depression. In particular, it's sanctioned for those experiencing treatment-resistant depression. Taken under medical direction, Spravato has an effect on specific brain receptors to help make new pathways and mitigate the symptoms of depression.

You may have treatment-resistant depressive disorder if:

  • You are confirmed to have a form of depression
  • You have taken no less than two different antidepressant medications in the past
  • You are currently dealing with moderate to severe depression symptoms

Obtain more info about how Spravato may help you manage your depression by contacting The Counseling Center at Roxbury-Succasunna at 862-707-2469 or sending in the form on this page.

How The Counseling Center at Roxbury-Succasunna Will Assist You In Controlling Your Depression

Whether Spravato is suitable for you or not, The Counseling Center at Roxbury-Succasunna is still able to help you find solutions for your mental health. Get care for depression and anxiety in Roxbury through

Treatment for depression begins with an individual appraisal that explores past history, present severity, and medication. At that point, we will formulate an individual care plan to achieve your mental health goals. This could consist of medicine, private counseling, and/or group counseling.